report | the CIO’s guide to the new data landscape

Streaming in from billions of users + devices.
November 11, 2000



company: Google co.
division: Cloud

report: CIO’s Guide to: data analytics + machine learning


CIO’s Guide to Data Analytics and Machine Learning


Using data to make business decisions is nothing new. Once upon-a-time, “data-based decision making” might have meant noticing a correlation between a print ad campaign and rumors of higher-than-usual sales. Businesses used whatever data they could get, when they could get it.
Today, data is everywhere. It streams in from connected devices at dizzying speeds, in an array of formats, from billions of users. Big Data is
often cast as an opportunity, but only for businesses that can handle its volume and diversity. For other companies, the flood of data
can represent a risk — potential insights go untapped, customer needs go unmet, and businesses keep making un-informed decisions.
2 factors make the current data landscape different from the past:

— First is an exponential increase in the volume and diversity of data being generated by billions of users and devices.
— Second is a demand for immediate access to high-quality data and insights.

There’s urgency for companies to better manage data. In addition, the cost and abilities of the cloud have reached a tipping point: helping make machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) accessible to any business. Despite wide-spread knowledge of data’s value, just a handful of
companies have modern data strategies.
Building on original research and Google’s efforts in cloud technology, this guide is designed to help information technology (IT) and business managers implement today’s cloud-based strategies for data management. In each section, we highlight tech helping companies extract business insights from our vast data landscape.