A + E | Music by Futant feat. Ray Kurzweil

series: inspired arts
April 1, 2019

musician: Futant
umbrella project: the Futant Collective
album: Singularity
song: Kurzweil’s Nightmare

description: by Futant

The album Singularity by Futant samples futurist Ray Kurzweil in the song called “Kurzweil’s Nightmare” on track no. 12.

The word futant is a mix of 2 words: future + mutant — the phrase was created by philosopher + author named Timothy Leary PhD. The definition of futant is: people who have activated thinking designed to create the future.

The idea of futants is that human ideas are based on the future that we can foresee. We can move toward the tomorrow we envision. Leary believed in the power of technology and its ability to foster spiritual and philosophical growth.

Futant and The Futant Collective are basically the same entity. Futant is our band and The Futant Collective is the umbrella project which allows for other creative endevours. We also make documentaries and art, other creators join in — but our band is the 2 founding members (Tim + Tyler).

The track is a free download available here.

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