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feat. Ray Kurzweil
March 1, 2021

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music artist: Saul Paul
song title: Ray Kurzweil keynote: round-up rap
date: 2012

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music artist: Saul Paul
tag line: Musician with a message.
web: homechannel

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group: reRoute Music
tag line: Making music that moves people.
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Saul Paul is a social activist, rapper, and music artist. His popular, energetic raps contribute to high-profile branded events. He released his first album in 2003. He continues to produce albums, tour, and write + produce for other artists — while:

  • uplifting people with positive lyrics
  • being a good role model
  • helping at-risk youth achieve excellence

He’s entertaining, inspiring, empowering. Corporate events discovered his knack for transforming everyday moments into extraordinary memories through music. He co-hosts at mainstream venues — with custom round-up re-cap raps — reviewing their daily happenings.

— lyrics —

song title: Ray Kurzweil keynote: round-up rap
music artist: by Saul Paul

Today’s keynote was the brilliant Ray Kurzweil
Hosted by Mr. Grossman, which served well
To set-up the platform that it’s a sure fail
If you’re still in the present because you’re stale

Because dude’s mind is where the future is
An accurate title: he’s a futurist
Give him some data
He’ll know what to do with it
Rewind to 1960
He’ll probably tell you who the shooter is
In ’63 — get it? — Kennedy

Wow: and right now he’s actually making these mini-mes
How: at the university of singularity
Apparently because he sees the future with such clarity
How else can I say it, he sees it clearly

No theories, he basically created Siri
The company that became it: Nuance
For him it’s easy, like installing some true fonts

So if you’re a genius, and you are good at math
You can be just like him, otherwise “sufferin’ succotash”
I don’t make the rules, I just play by them
And based on what Kurzweil says, you can’t defy them

Statistically — yeah — it’s improbable
Not impossible, just highly illogical
Looking at my watch, it seems that I have to go
Until then I encourage you stay on-point, like an icicle



Phrases from the song.

background from Wikipedia:

  • true fontsdigital typeface from the 1980s • by Apple
  • mini-me — character from the Austin Powers film series • by Mike Myers
  • sufferin’ succotash — minced oath from cartoon cat Sylvester • by Warner Bros.
  • visit  ~  Siri — is Siri by Apple
  • visit  ~  Nuance — is Nuance
  • visit  ~  Mr. Grossman — is Lev Grossman
  • visit  ~  Kennedy — is John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • visit  ~  Kennedy Center” is the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • visit  ~  university of singularity — refers to Singularity Univ.

— notes —

SXSW = South by SouthWest
3D = 3-dimensional