mailbagletterA possible Google search capability of the future?

A dialogue with Ray Kurzweil.
January 1, 2021


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Dear Ray,

I recently enjoyed your speech at the Creative Innovation conference. I hope to throw an AI question your way — because of your incredible background and role at Google.

Do you ever anticipate Google integrating facial recognition into its text search algorithms? So when you search for someone’s name, it brings-up links including their name — and also photos found through facial recognition? Regardless of whether those photos explicitly had that person’s name attached to them.

For example: if the historical figure Fredrick Douglass was alive today, and had a social media account where he used his real picture — but not his name — could a Google search for him yield his photo from his Twitter? Just by using the software tech of facial recognition?

Thanks I truly appreciate it. And honestly kind of hoping the answer is no — from a privacy standpoint.


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speaker: Ray Kurzweil
event: Creative Innovation
year: 2019

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AI = artificial intelligence