book | Biophysics of Consciousness

A foundational approach.
June 18, 2018
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Roman R Poznanski, Jack Tuszynski, Todd E Feinberg
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The problem of how the brain produces consciousness, subjectivity and “something it is like to be” remains one of the greatest challenges to a complete science of the natural world. While various scientists and philosophers approach the problem from their own unique perspectives and in the terms of their own respective fields,¬†Biophysics of Consciousness: A Foundational Approach¬†attempts a consilience across disparate disciplines to explain how it is possible that an objective brain produces subjective experience.

This volume unites the creme de la creme of physicists, neuroscientists, and psychiatrists in the attempt to understand consciousness through a foundational approach encompassing ontological, evolutionary, neurobiological, and Freudian interpretations with the focus on conscious phenomena occurring in the brain. By integrating the perspectives of these diverse disciplines with the latest research and theories on the biophysics of the brain, the book tries to explain how consciousness can be an adaptive and causal element in the natural world.

Readership: Researchers in neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, biophysics and quantum physics investigating conscious phenomena occurring in the brain.

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