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best-seller — in multiple categories on Amazon
March 1, 2019

ABOUT | book debut

The novel Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine — written by New York Times best selling author, inventor, and futurist Ray Kurzweil — is now available world-wide, on the web and at fine book sellers.

— the book debuted as a #1 best seller on Amazon
— the book debuted as a #1 new release on Amazon
— in several categories listed below

the LIST | best seller

The novel debuted at no. 1 on Amazon’s best sellers lists in multiple categories.

book title
Danielle — Chronicles of a Superheroine
genre young adult fiction
debut date
April 2019
on the web
author by Ray Kurzweil
book seller
year 2019
no. 1 — best seller: Children’s Science + Nature
category no. 1 — best seller: Teen + Young Adult Super-Hero Fiction
cateory no. 1 — new release: Children’s Science + Nature
category no. 1 — new release: Children’s Environment
category no. 1 — new release: Children’s non-Fiction Nature

the BOOKS | a complete set

The novel Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine is presented with two non-fiction companion books — also by Ray Kurzweil. They show practical steps to achieve your dreams: for your life, with your friends, in your goals.

— the book trio —

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LETTER | from the author

Dear readers,

I hope you’ll enjoy my new novel for both youth + adults. It’s the fictional story of a young heroine named Danielle, and her amazing family + friends — who travel the world solving humanity’s biggest challenges with their keen minds + and deep thinking. My theme is the unlimited power of ideas and using your imagination to cope with any problem.

Danielle is an inspiring girl who grows-up in my story, and learns about the ABCs of life:

A • advancing understanding
B • becoming responsible
C • celebrating differences
D • developing trust
E • exploring diversity
F • fostering friendship
G • gaining knowledge + know-how
H • helping tomorrow
I • including everyone
J • joining hands
K • knowing your options
L • learning STEAM | science • tech • engineering • arts • medicine
M • maintaining hope
N • nourishing abundance
O • overcoming odds
P • personally expressing
Q • questioning reality
R • reaching for goals
S • spreading joy
T • talking openly
U • uplifting attitude
V • valuing thoughtfulness
W • waiting for the right time
X • examining choices
Y • yelling for change
Z • zeroing-in on a better future

Have a great adventure with Danielle + friends — add this exciting novel to your summer reading stack!

Ray Kurzweil

— notes —

* Ray Kurzweil is Raymond Clyde Kurzweil