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Re-thinking creativity to inspire change.
April 10, 2019

book title: Innovating Minds
deck: Re-thinking creativity to inspire change.
author: by Wilma Koutstaal PhD + Jonathan Binks
published in year: 2015

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A ground-breaking, scientific approach to creative thinking.

From entrepreneurs to teachers, engineers to artists, almost everyone stands to benefit from becoming more creative. New ways of thinking, making, and imagining can upgrade our personal lives and society.

But the science of creativity is a mystery. Few people know how to optimize our clever ideas. Innovating Minds offers a point-of-view grounded in science — to achieve your creative goals. Book authors Wilma Koutstaal PhD and Jonathan Binks explore research from brain, behavioral, and organizational sciences. They present a 5 part thinking frame-work — where ideas get developed +  refined.

Beyond scientific research, the book takes us on a tour of the everyday, creative challenges of people from all walks of life. From dancers, scientists, engineers, designers, and architects. The book shows that our creativity is filled with with emotion + motivation — flowing between our mind, body, and environment. The authors include practical work-sheets for mindful creation.

Innovating Minds is engaging, with a unique approach to harnessing creative ideas and putting them into action. It offers a fascinating exploration of the science of creativity along with new and valuable resources for becoming more innovative thinkers and doers.

What is creative thinking all about? How do we make, imagine, and move forward with new plans? How can we work in teams while sharing our personal creations with other people?

The book explores social science research:

  • how does our mind connects-the-dots
  • how do different personalities get along in groups
  • how do large organizations successfully span continents

Good resources for thinking + doing.

We discover that creativity and innovation happen in cycles. Ideas may seem to pop-out of nowhere — but actually our thoughts are deeply rooted in emotion and motivation. The book Innovating Minds explores creativity cross-checks, questions, and thought boxes. With good resources for becoming more innovative thinkers and doers.

The thinking frame-work asks:

  • What ideas are competing for your attention and awareness?
  • How are you helping to form and re-form them?
  • Are you aptly zooming in and zooming out?
  • Do you give room for spontaneity and deliberateness in your thinking?
  • Are you thinking using the full power of concepts: with sensing, feeling, and action goals?
  • How do you ask your environments to creatively partner with you?
  • How do you ask your thinking tools to creatively partner with you?

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