CogX London 2017

June 9, 2017

The emerging world of AI is expected to create incredible opportunities and cause unprecedented disruption across all industries. Healthcare, financial services, education, the future of work and more will be shaped by the proliferation of AI.

However, market complexity and fragmentation coupled with the incredible pace of change (1,500 new companies in 2016 alone) brings about great challenges; how should we navigate this complex landscape?

The AI Innovation Exchange and Annual Awards is bringing together thought leaders across more than 20 industries and domains to address the pressing issues and move the conversation forward. In a combination of keynotes, expert panels and results-driven workshops we will agree the open issues and publish papers from the breakout sessions’ findings. An interactive trade expo will showcase the current state of art in the field, and at our gala dinner we will present 10 categories of awards celebrating innovation in AI. We hope that CogX will bring clarity to the marketplace, celebrate innovation and facilitate strategies for the future.

The whole event comprises: 1/2 Day Exec AI Bootcamp, 2 Day Exchange across 18 topics, Awards dinner, AI Expo, Breakout sessions and working groups & VIP events.

—Event Producer