Deep Learning Meetup #6

March 18, 2016

Dear DeepLearners,

Our next Meetup, is scheduled on Tuesday 05/04 at 7:00 pm! This meetup is a very special one, since Yann LeCun accepted to be one of our speakers!

For this event, Telecom ParisTech invited us in their main lecture hall. This meetup is organized by Heuritech and will be sponsored by Facebook and NVIDIA. And we thank them all very much for helping us organizing these meetups !


  • Yann LeCun (NYU, Facebook AI Research)
  • Guillaume Barat (NVIDIA) : A short presentation of NVIDIA’s activities
  • Gregoire Mesnil (Phoenixia inc.) : Improving your Search Engine
  • Alexandre Ramé et Hedi Ben-Younes (Heuritech) : Semi-supervised Learning for Multilingual Sentence Representation

The talks will be given in English or French (we let the speaker decide)

—Event Producer