DeltaMaker: an elegant personal 3D printer

January 29, 2013

(Credit: DeltaMaker)

The DeltaMaker team  has launched a Kickstarter  project to develop an elegant personal 3D printer

“We will provide our backers with a 3D printer that runs faster, looks better, and is just more fun to watch. With the help of our Kickstarter supporters, we will put DeltaMakers on as many desktops, and inside as many classrooms, as we can.

Product Performance: The DeltaMaker prints big and it prints fast.This design enables printing of objects at high resolution without the speed limitations imposed by traditional 3D printer designs.

Our Vision

“The DeltaMaker vision of 3D printing is a little different: The act of creation — and the finished work — can be equally interesting. We want to shift 3D printing from industrial spaces and back rooms to living rooms, waiting rooms, and classrooms.

“While many artists and designers produce finished pieces of art from 3D printers, we view the creation process as art as well. We envision an artist who not only displays his finished works during an exhibition, but has a DeltaMaker creating a new piece during the show.

“Anywhere that you can inspire or entertain people, there is a place for a DeltaMaker. We see elegant 3D printers entertaining children stuck in waiting rooms, as some shape or creature arises from thin air. We see DeltaMakers prominently displayed in your living room, as your guests watch a reproduction of Venus de Milo arise over the course of a dinner party.

“Individuals not familiar with additive manufacturing are impressed with finished printed objects. We find that they are truly amazed when they can watch this happen. The DeltaMaker provides the elegant platform to deliver this part of the experience to everyone.”