event | Emotion AI Summit

by Affectiva
June 18, 2018

We live, work and play side-by-side with artificial intelligence — it’s in the fabric of our lives. It can be seen in the devices and tech we use across: at home, in the places we work, in our cars.

Today, AI is doing things on our behalf. It’s making us more efficient, faster and sometimes even happier. But with so many aspects of life being touched by AI, we’re at a precipice, as the technology increasingly takes on roles traditionally held by humans, and becomes more personal in the ways that it interacts with us. As such, we need to ask ourselves: what it takes for humans to trust AI to make the right decisions—decisions that influence our lives, and for the greater good. And not only that, but how can AI trust in humans?

There are numerous examples where this new social contract does not exist—or notions of trust have been violated. How can we, as an ecosystem, come together to realize “Trust in AI”? What are the considerations and challenges? What does success look like?

Join us at this year’s Emotion AI Summit where we will discuss Trust in AI, and how this manifests itself in vastly different areas: from automotive and robotics, to healthcare, education and even advertising. We will also explore how Emotion AI is a key component of building trust between humans and tech.

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