EmTech Digital 2017

January 20, 2017

AI already impacts every industry, and human-machine interaction is becoming increasingly natural and intuitive. Yet, it’s difficult to discern facts from hype. EmTech Digital does just that–giving you the business intelligence you need in this rapidly shifting landscape. Together, we’ll forge ahead on the discussions started at the conference last spring: What are the key developments of the past year? How will their commercialization affect you? What can you do right now to stay ahead?

At EmTech Digital you’ll:

Learn how to harness new technologies to build a competitive business advantage: increase revenue, ensure security, make the best hires in a changing workforce.

Gain clear business insights that help you cut through the noise around artificial intelligence and big data in order to chart your strategy.

Meet the sharpest minds in the technology, engineering, academic, startup, and management communities–the people leading the next wave of intelligent technologies.

—Event Producer