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theme: Human Intelligence 2.0
February 8, 2019

event title: Creative Innovation
brand: Creative Universe
theme: Human Intelligence 2.0

season: spring
when: April 1 — 3
year: 2019
where: Melbourne, Australia

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— about the event —

  • A collective future?
  • How will we manage the transition?

Creative Innovation is the place to imagine tomorrow, inspire your leadership, plus achieve success. This conference is for everyone who cares about creativity, innovation, leadership, change, transformation — and a positive future. The event hosts 1,000 leaders from business, government, academics, community, charities, organizations. Plus the public, the media, and the arts. Attendees will hear from a world-class line-up of over 40 visionaries, innovators, futurists, and leaders.

We’ll help you upgrade to Human Intelligence 2.0

  • better understand, collaborate, prepare: for tomorrow’s fast pace
  • gain insight, know-how, tools: for an agility mind-set
  • explain change drivers
  • explore the implications for the future
  • master strategies groups + individuals will need to adopt

Creative Innovation | the event program
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Creative Innovation | featurettes

watch — event highlights

watch — the progress of technology
watch — get ready for the future

line-up | the speakers

some of the world-class speakers at this year’s event :

speaker: Ray Kurzweil
bio: a Director of Engineering — Google co.
bio: inventor, futurist, best selling author

speaker: Geoff Mulgan PhD
bio: CEO — Nesta org.

speaker: Liesl Yearsly
bio: CEO + co-founder — Akin co.

speaker: Katheen Richardson PhD
bio: Director — the Campaign Against Sex Robots org.
bio: professor of ethics + culture of robots + artificial intelligence — De Montfort Univ.

speaker: Paul Cobban
bio: Chief Data + Transformation Officer — DBS Bank co.

speaker: Melinda Cilento
bio: Chief Executive — Committee for Economic Development of Australia org.

speaker: Alan Finkle PhD
bio: Chief Scientist — Office of the Chief Scientist • Australia Dept. of Industry, Innovation, Science

speaker: Christy Forest
bio: CEO + Executive Director — LiveHire co.

speaker: Toby Walsh PhD
bio: professor of artificial intelligence — Univ. of New South Wales

speaker: David Gonski
bio: chairman — ANZ Banking Group

speaker: Emma Martinho Truswell
bio: co-founder + COO — Oxford Insights co.

speaker: Tania de Jong
bio: singer, entrepreneur
bio: founder — Creative Universe co.

— global growth —

The world is changing faster than we can think. Our collective humanity must upgrade its responsiveness + flexibility. By the year 2025, the world’s population will reach over 8 billion. For the first time: there are more devices than people — and by year 2030 computers could be as powerful as humans. The future will be filled with amazing opportunities, plus great challenges.

  • Are you preparing yourself, your people, your communities for rapid progress + accelerating change?
  • How will it affect your business, your community, your life?
  • How can we become comfortable with disruption?
  • Effects of disruption are world-wide.
  • Disruptive business models come from the web, new tech, globalisation.
  • Disruption heralds huge opportunities, but are we ready?
  • Disruption provides extraordinary opportunities for sustainable growth.

— our interactive venue —

Creative Innovation is the place to learn from: world-changing innovators, futurists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, thinkers, and curious souls — in our interactive venue.

Creative Innovation is the place to: connect, create, disrupt, change, explore, question, share, grow, learn — take action, be entertained, and feel inspired. Together we can shape the sustainable future we want.

Join us for positive human collisions — cross-­sector, community-wide, cross­-pollination of ideas. Becoming agile. The fast pace of change requires us to be: ready, willing, and able — to quickly adapt and change course.

— modern times —

We face a host of wicked problems, risks and systemic challenges beyond the reach of existing institutions and traditional authority structures.
The future is exciting, challenging or terrifying. Tomorrow depends on our perspective and ability to embrace fast change.

modern issues :

  • climate change
  • increasing mental + chronic illness
  • scarcity of resources
  • automation of jobs + artificial intelligence
  • un-ethical governance
  • growing non-equality

These topics require heightened levels of collaboration among organisations, sectors, communities, and nations. More than ever before, we need to foster collective leadership, lateral thinking and inspiring initiatives to manage the massive transition ahead.

leaders must :

  • become aware of the transitions happening
  • gain clarity about the roles they can play
  • dynamically steer their organisations
  • prepare their employees for the future of work

This is a rare opportunity to connect + share across sectors under one roof. We look forward to co­-creating with you.

— about the event theme —

Our theme is Human Intelligence 2.0, because the world is moving faster than we can think. So it’s time to update our thinking. Organisations and people must: test, learn, adjust, adapt — and — tolerate mis-steps, mistakes, false starts, fumbles, failures. That’s easier said than done. How can organizations hard-wire innovative behaviours: such as immersive research + rapid prototyping?

Creative Innovation delivers :

  • world class creative ideas
  • pragmatic solutions
  • credible forecasts
  • better strategies + practices
  • fresh insights
  • valuable connections

key themes will include :

  • leadership, ethics, governance
  • automation, artificial intelligence, robotics
  • the future of labor
  • education + entrepreneurship
  • science + tech
  • the fast pace of change
  • systemic solutions for big problems

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video | future predictions

What will 2025 hold for humanity? This video presents predictions on the future of: labor force, emerging tech, science, industry, education, health.

Expect the unexpected + prepare for exponential, growing change.

from: Creative Universe
watch | predictions for year 2025

sources: from our global advisors plus:

Oxford University
United Nations org.
Comm. for Economic Dev. Australia org.
Oxford Comm. for Famine Relief org.
Fast FutureBusiness Insider
Merrill Lynch firm by Bank of America co.
Singularity University co.
Boston Consulting Group

about | Creative Universe

Creative Universe makes the extraordinary possible by helping craft sustainable, aligned, high-performance organizations — through events + custom workshops. Our goal is to  develop creative leaders and build a culture of innovation.

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The place to learn from world-changing innovators, futurists, inspired thinkers, and curious souls — gathered together in an interactive community. A place to imagine the future. We invite you to join our: conferences, master classes, deep conversations, performances, special events. Discover techniques for creative leadership + innovation.

with celebrity hostess | Tania de Jong

founder + producerCreative Universe  •  Creative Innovation Global  •  Inspiring Minds  •  Dimension 5

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planning | paper

Creative Innovation | paper: Thriving in the Age of Acceleration
format: Adobe

theme: Human Intelligence 2.0
theme: Thriving in the Age of Acceleration
about: post-event policy directions + reflections paper for our future
year: 2017

— notes —

* Ray Kurzweil is Raymond Clyde Kurzweil
* Liesl Yearsley is Liesl Capper Yearsley
* Melinda Cilento is Melinda Ann Cilento
* David Gonski is David Michael Gonski

Ci = Creative Innovation
UN = the United Nations org.
CEDA = the Committee for Economic Development of Australia org.
OxFam = the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief org.
DBS Bank = the Development Bank of Singapore co.
ANZ Bank = Australia + New Zealand Banking grp.

AI = artificial intelligence