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Fin-tech is going global.
January 1, 2020

event: Intersekt
theme: Fin-tech is going global.

season: autumn
date: September 7 — 8
year: 2022
place: Melbourne | Australia

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group: FinTech Australia
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— summary —

Intersekt is the leading annual fin-tech industry conference gathering of: fin-techs, hubs, accelerators, policy-makers, regulators, investors, and advisors. Devoted to examining, discussing, and unlocking the potential of the fin-tech market.

Our program features top international speakers, free workshops, optional satellite events — plus extensive networking opportunities with social functions.

Hosted by FinTech Australia, Intersekt brings together an impressive line-up of global speakers on the future of fin-tech.

Intersekt is a melting pot between the banking sector and fin-tech industry. Intersekt is a platform for collaboration. We aim for attendees to leave the event with a larger network, and renewed notions on the industry’s future.

— the program —

  • on board the global open banking journey
  • how to Prospa — lessons from fin-tech’s biggest initial public offering
  • experience is the new loyalty
  • open banking — financial services: great opportunity or big distraction?
  • platform is the new play
  • importance of culture + hiring when building a start-up
  • payments innovation — what’s next for the payments revolution?
  • fin-tech’s role — in a sustainable growth economy
  • cyber-security — questions to ask your fin-tech partner about their security
  • are mortgages broken? — Royal Commission impact + how tech’s solving these challenges
  • year 2030: the year that payments died
  • how is alternative lending changing everyday lives
  • implementation of open banking — how successfully will it roll-out?
  • necessary compliance over-haul — post Royal Commission in the financial services sector
  • fin-tech bridge — how’s it operational + some success stories?
  • importance of culture post Royal Commission — in banks + fin-techs
  • big deal for fin-tech — how machine learning is changing financial services + how fin-tech can lead
  • re-igniting small + medium enterprise banking — impact of the Alternative Remedies Package
  • 1 year on — how fin-tech are using crowd-funding for growth
  • engineering a global payment product
  • fin-tech as a force for good
  • how culture can drive global growth
  • the Ernst + Young fin-tech census
  • the Huddle story — machine learning and insur-tech
  • fin-tech 2.0 — trends investors are interested in for year 2020?
  • how fin-techs are changing the capital markets
  • banking the unbanked
  • how do we solve the $80 trillion gap in business lending?

about | FinTech Australia

We were founded by start-ups — and we work with founders, scale-ups, and the fin-tech eco-system. We represent our members + advocate for outcomes facilitating growth.

We support fin-tech innovation, adoption, disruption, and investment. Our success is reflected by our members’ achievements.

— our strategy —

  • challenge existing structures and driving policy reform is a key priority for the association.
  • advocate on behalf of our members, both locally and globally, to attract the support they need to win.
  • connect all parts of the fin-tech eco-system together.


— notes —

FSS = financial services sector
IPO = initial public offering
ML = machine learning
OB = open banking
SME = small + medium enterprise banking

RC = Royal Commission
EY = Earnst + Young

fin-tech = financial tech
insur-tech = insurance tech
insure-tech = insurance tech