exhibit | 4 Centuries of Innovation

on display | feature with: Ray Kurzweil
January 1, 2019

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venue: General Edward Lawrence Logan Airport
exhibit title: 4 Centuries of Innovation — from Massachusetts to the world
format: installation
when: permanent
where: Boston, MA • US

— the exhibit —

The terminal C -to- E connector at the General Edward Lawrence Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts — is home to an exhibit that showcases break-throughs in: science, medicine, tech, sports, education, culture, finance, social change, and civic life. The individuals + institutions featured in the innovation exhibit made history — and changed lives. Through the panels, travelers will learn about the state’s history of “firsts.”

Airport visitors get a glimpse of the interesting innovation culture fostered in Massachusetts.

The corridor features memorial plaques to the people + groups who made history — and a c0-located, companion digital display has photos with more details.

— featured in the exhibit —

year 1969 | inertial guidance system — for the Apollo moon landing
inventor: Draper Laboratory

year 1974 | Fidelity Investments

year 1979 | VisiCalc — first widely popular application
inventor: Dan Bricklan

year 2001 | Trip Advisor — candid traveler reviews change global travel
inventor: Stephen Kaufer

Prior to Trip Advisor, travelers relied on guide-books + magazine reviews to choose hotels, and attractions — one person’s review. In 2001, Stephen Kaufer + his partners turned the tourism industry upside-down by soliciting reviews from travelers on Trip Advisor — now 100s of millions of reviews annually. the website lets users see ratings, reviews, photographs to help them make the best choices. The innovation in transparency quickly spread globally, putting consumers “in the driver’s seat.”