Eyez without a Facebook — live video lifelogging!

June 5, 2011 by Amara D. Angelica

This just in from Aussie HIVE45 vidcaster Nathan Waters: “Someone is finally making *normal-looking* tech recording glasses! I have no affiliation with this product, but I would absolutely love if you added it to the news section to encourage more pledges for their Kickstarter funding. Here’s the link: Eyez by ZionEyez HD Video Recording Glasses for Facebook. “The issue so far has been that the tech glasses have been bulky and ugly… so very keen to get ahold of these ones.”

What? I want one — now! Let’s see: 720P HD cam, mic, 8GB flash memory, Bluetooth, mini-USB charging/download port, iPhone/Android app, removable lenses, hands-free video recorded (3 hours) or streamed live via Qik or LiveStream…. Oh, yeah!

Think of the possibilities: live TV/radio reporting (when will some TV network get it?), sousveillance (TSA groper patdown monitoring, anyone?), instant Facebook videos, lifelogging (perhaps into Lifenaut one day?)….

Speaking of, this is a must-see: The Museum of Me — you and your Facebook friends converted into an art museum exhibition: photos, faces flying by, ending in a magnificent 3-D connected graph of your Facebook friends. Slightly creepy, but beautifully done and fascinating….

OK, back to Eyez. This is a Kickstarter project (if enough investors pledge $1 or more, ZionEyez can go ahead with the project). So far, 169 backers have pledged $25,119 toward the $55,000 goal by July 31. It’s being designed by engineers who designed the now-obsolete FLIP video cams. Scheduled for Winter 2011 release.

Hmm… what if a future version could have a built-in display connected to a future iPhone/iPad/Android device — a perfect augmented reality system with live updating from/to the cloud… two-way live Facebook/Twitter/Quora updates and two-way mobile Skype video…. But is this the end of privacy —  the transparent society, 1984, Gattaca?

Meanwhile, back in 2011, I just pledged. Goes through your Amazon.com account — instant. Make that 170 backers.