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August 1, 2022

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about | the film

Search On is an original documentary film by Google. It features 11 stories of people around the world using Google tech to solve big problems, answer hard questions, and take action.

And in surprising ways. The film follows people on a quest for better answers — and the magic that happens at the intersection of tech + humanity.

company: Google
film title: Search On
deck: An original documentary.

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The products by Google featured in this film.

— the film —

guide | parts 1 to 11

An introduction.

11 personal stories are showcased in the documentary film Search On. Each vignette has an illustrated companion story you can read.

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part 1. |

title: An eye fit for Liberty.

Watch how a father used YouTube by Google to make his daughter a better prosthetic eye. Discover how Dwayne helped Liberty and other people, as he discovered his purpose in life — and a new vocation. He’s using technology to bring well-being to eye patients.

read | companion story — Eyes

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Ocular Prosthetics | home
tag line: Your specialists for adult + pediatric eyes.

part 2. |

title: Beneath the canopy.

A tribe uses mobile phones + TensorFlow by Google to fight illegal logging in the Amazon. Learn how the Tembé use tech to protect their home. Is it possible to save a rainforest by listening to it? This tribe is pairing old cell phones + machine learning to fight de-forestation.

read | companion story — rainforest

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RainForest Connection | home
tag line: The most impactful way to stop climate change — save rainforests.

part 3. |

title: Riding to remember.

When dementia takes memories away from senior citizens, a stationary bicycle helps bring them back —with a virtual ride down memory. Learn how BikeAround utilizes Street View + Maps by Google. Meet the researcher who’s helping patients.

read | companion story — BikeAround

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BikeAround | profile
tag line: The experience bike for body + mind.

part 4. |

title: Daniel and the sea of sound.

A young music lover follows the call of whales, to find his own path. See how music led Daniel to study the ocean with tech. Daniel didn’t know what engineering was when he started community college. Now he’s making breakthroughs, using machine learning to track endangered ocean animals.

read | companion story — soundwaves

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the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute | home ~ channel
tag line: Advancing marine science + engineering to understand our changing ocean.

the Monterey Bay Aquarium | home ~ channel
tag line: Inspiring conservation of the ocean.
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part 5. |

title: The agoraphobic traveller.

An agoraphobic artist uses Google Street View to photograph the world. Her anxiety + disability limit her travel, but she’s found another way to see. Read about Jacqui’s travel photography. Meet the artist who’s captured the world in her camera — without leaving home.

read | companion story — agoraphic traveller

referenced in the film

Stories for Good | home
tag line: We harness the power of story to drive positive change in the world.

part 6. |

title: Living to serve.

A veteran finds a new mission to build a more inclusive world. Learn how Matt engineers assistive tech using Android by Google — with open source tech + a passion for service. Now he’s working to give his autistic son and others a chance to live more independently.

read | companion story — living to serve

referenced in the film

the Human Engineering Research Lab | home ~ channel
tag line: Improving the mobility + function of people with disabilities through engineering.

the Univ. of Pittsburgh | home ~ channel
motto: truth + virtue

part 7. |

title: Between worlds.

A self-taught Native American coder brings her community with her. Learn how Search by Google propelled Robin’s journey. Looking for a way to reconcile childhood on the reservation with her adolescence — she discovered a life of activism, tech, and science. She’s using technology to create opportunity for all.

read | companion story — between worlds

referenced in the film

the American Indian Science + Engineering Society | home ~ channel
tag line: Advancing indigenous people in STEM.

the American Indian College Fund | home ~ channel
tag line: Education is the answer.

Diné College | home ~ channel
tag line: The nation’s college.
banner: Your future starts here.

Unapologetically Indigenous | home
tag line: Entering the digital pow-wow.

part 8. |

title: Positive current.

A teen scientist invents a powered tool to test water for lead contamination using Android by Google. Meet Gitanjali and 5 other bright young women tackling the contaminated water crisis. They’re the women of the water. And they’re raising their voices — and using tech + big data — to lead the charge for clean water. They’re building a brighter future.

read | companion story — clean water

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in3 | home
tag line: We’re providing programs + services for this generation  of leaders — and the next.
banner: inclusive + innovation + incubator

the National Society of Black Engineers | home ~ channel
tag line: A legacy of excellence.

— featurette —

part 9. |

title: Pedaling for peace.

Meet the man spreading peace with a bicycle and Translate by Google. Join Dynan on his mission of friendship. With only a tent, a bike, and Translate — he’s on a 4-year journey to meet + learn from a world of people. Billions of people use Translate to read menus, directions, and street signs in 100+ languages. But at its core, it’s a tool to help dialogue + explore. For Dnyan it’s indispensable — it’s how he connects with people around the globe.

read | companion story — pedaling for peace

referenced in the film

the Ministry of Culture ~ India | home ~ channel
tag line: The preservation and promotion of art + culture in India.

150 Years of Celebrating the Mahatma | home
tag line: The birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

chapter 10. |

title: The guardians.

Over the course of one year, over 3,500 female motorcyclists used Maps by Google to plan + navigate the world’s largest motorcycle relay.  Ride alongside 3 women — from the US, Mexico, and South Africa — as they embark on a journey of connection across borders. Learn about the record-breaking Women Riders World Relay. They’re separated by boundaries and bonded by bikes.

read | companion story — women riders

referenced in the film

Women Riders World Relay | home ~ channel
tag line: unites us + excites us
banner: The world’s largest motorcycle relay.


chapter 11. |

title: Call me blood.

How one woman saves lives with motorbikes, blood banks, and Maps by Google. Learn about LifeBank’s crucial work. See how doctors, dispatch drivers, and blood donors are coming together to save lives across Africa. The LifeBank team uses Google Maps to connect dispatch riders with blood banks and hospitals in need. LifeBank has been able to decrease delivery blood time from 24 hours to less than 45 minutes.

read | companion story — LifeBank

referenced in the film

LifeBank | home ~ channel
tag line: We are digitising the supply chain for health-care in Africa.
banner: We’re safer, faster, and more reliable.

inspiration | by Google

Google created these positive messages to accompany the film’s theme.

  • To all those using technology to find better answers — search on.
  • To everyone using technology to find a way forward — search on.
  • To all those using technology to find their path — search on.
  • To all those using technology to go places they never expected — search on.
  • To all those using technology to build a better world — search on.
  • To all those using technology to create opportunity for all — search on.
  • To all those building a brighter future — search on.
  • To all those willing to say HELLO — search on.
  • To every guardian on the road of life — search on.
  • To all those riding on a mission — search on.

— notes —

AI = artificial intelligence

STEM or STEAM = science + tech + engineering + arts + math

US = United States
WRWR = Women Riders World Relay