Forecasting with Massive Data in Real Time

Tools and Analytical Techniques
January 25, 2017


The aim in this workshop is to display the efforts of industry and academia to cope with large amounts of data that have to be analyzed in real time. As many analytical solutions are specifically designed with an infrastructure in mind, it is the intention during the meetings to discuss not only the algorithms but also the underlying implementations and their suitability for specific applications.


  • New (and future) infrastructures/languages/paradigms to tackle massive amounts of data
  • Forecasting techniques and related applications
    • Early Warning Systems
    • Pattern recognition
    • Anomaly detection
    • Event detection
    • Nowcasting
  • Applications performing as close to real-time as possible.
  • Accuracy-latency-size┬álimitations
  • What will the future look like? How to prepare for that future?

—Event Producer