FYI (Popular Science): 229 Curious Questions Answered by the World’s Smartest People

September 1, 2011
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The Editors of Popular Science
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Popular Science | If you’ve ever wondered… Can someone use your GPS receiver to track you? Are those paper toilet-seat covers really protecting you from anything? Should you worry about electromagnetic pulses destroying your electronics?

If you’re curious about these and other strange, mind-expanding things — this book was written for you. Popular Science FYI is bursting with surprising answers to weird and zany questions smart people love to know — but probably never thought to ask. You’ll find authoritative answers to the kind of intriguing questions found in our admired Popular Science FYI column. We asked the world’s smartest people in every realm of science the oddest things and were shocked at what we discovered. You’ll learn important life skills on every page. For example, how many times have you wondered … “If my space suit tore, would my brain explode?” Find out.

You’ll revel in every secret uncovered in Popular Science FYI:

  • How might the world end for us? (#154)
  • Can we prove whether ghosts and other paranormal phenomena exist? (#145)
  • Do pitchers know more than physicists? (#190)
  • Could an asteroid impact knock the moon into Earth? (#011)
  • Is it safe to eat genetically modified fish? (#105)

And over 200 more fascinating questions and answers. Discover just how much fun being an instant expert can be!

Wouldn’t you love to know what awesome things bacteria can do? If the disgust reaction is instinctual or cultural? Which offers better audio quality — vinyl or digital recordings? What would happen if every element on the periodic table came into contact simultaneously?

  • What is the evolutionary purpose of tickling? (#074)
  • How quickly could a single supervirus spread to every person on Earth? (#224)
  • How can mouse milk improve baby formula? (#107)
  • I paid extra to make my cross-country flight “carbon neutral.” Am I saving the planet, or am I a sucker? (#187)
  • Will wind farms mess up the weather by interfering with storms and wind? (#142)

The Editors of Popular Science

P. S. So go ahead. Steal our secrets. Be smart. Read Popular Science FYI in the comfort of your own home and satisfy your relentless curiosity with uncommon knowledge.