Gigaom AI Now

January 25, 2017

The much anticipated era of artificial intelligence has arrived. Businesses in every industry are using this powerful technology to gain immense leads over their slower-moving competitors.

At Gigaom AI Now, we will explore:

  • What enterprises can do over the next three years to make sure they stay ahead of the curve.
  • How companies not employing AI today can begin to do so.
  • How different business units will use AI differently.
  • The ways that IT and technology leaders enable the business without having a large data science team
  • Tactics for using AI for competitive advantage.
  • How can you use AI to drive revenue and create better customer experiences.
  • Ways to use your most valuable asset, your data, to stay relevant and move your business forward.

The time to move on AI is now. Come to Gigaom AI Now to get a blueprint and use cases to how your organization can implement AI in your industry today.

—Event Producer