Global Summit • by Singularity University | Q + A

on stage | feature with Ray Kurzweil
August 20, 2019

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Dear readers,

I hope you enjoy my recent Q + A with host Will Weisman — at Global Summit by Singularity University. This special annual event brings together industry + community leaders, thinkers, students, and futurists from around the world — to explore new developments and concepts for innovation.

I co-founded Singularity University in year 2008 with my colleague Peter Diamandis — a renowned author + entrepreneur — to establish an ongoing space for creative + critical thinking about tomorrow.

Today, we offer a wide range of educational + development programs for individuals, family, and enterprise — featuring both in-person and digital opportunities to learn, network, make, experiment, grow, and build.

As summer ends and we move into autumn, Singularity University has created a fresh collection of programs + experiences. There’s something for everyone. I welcome you to take a look!

Ray Kurzweil

— event —

event title: Global Summit • by Singularity University
brand: Singularity Education
theme: Create the future.

season: summer
when: August 19 — 21
year: 2019
where: San Francisco, CA • United States

on the web | event website
view | summit agenda

— presentation —

session: Q + A with Ray Kurzweil
host: Will Weisman
date: August 2019

Q + A with Ray Kurzweil | WATCH

— special section —

about | Singularity University

Please join us — on our journey into the future. Singularity University offers educational programs + events — that give you know-how, perspective, connections, and resources. We also provide a launch-pad for emerging ventures, builders, and influencers.

By studying the quickening pace of advances in science, tech, and society — we can harness the power of progress. We teach personal, professional, enterprise, and public service success. Our wide range of programs will enrich your understanding — with hands-on workshops, labs, mentoring, and coaching.

our world-class community:

  • knowledgeable faculty
  • trail-blazing doers + makers
  • global network partners
  • growing start-ups
  • engaged alumni

our students span 127 countries:

  • entrepreneurs + inventors
  • innovators from business + non-profit
  • policy change-makers
  • engineers + architects of tomorrow
  • life-long learners + teachers

our study of key world issues:

  • health care
  • eco-system
  • clean energy
  • education
  • prosperity
  • space exploration
  • disaster resilience
  • food + water + shelter
  • government

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Ray Kurzweil — co-founder + Chancellor
Peter Diamandis MD — executive founder + Director

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SU = Singularity Univ.
AI = artificial intelligence
AR + VR = augmented reality + virtual reality