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An adventure for all ages.
January 1, 2020

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ABOUT the BOOK | meet Danielle

We invite you to explore the novel: Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine. Please enjoy this fiction book for all ages — by best selling writer, futurist, entrepreneur, and inventor Ray Kurzweil.

The story and its two guide books take you on a journey of adventure, romance, creative thinking, and high action — where everybody is a hero making tomorrow better.

The book is illustrated by the New Yorker magazine cartoonist and graphic novelist Amy Kurzweil.

ABOUT the BOOK | themes

Ray Kurzweil’s first novel — Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine — is the story of a young heroine named Danielle. Using her super-mind and smart-tech, plus help from her friends — she helps-out with big challenges:

  • curing difficult diseases
  • making peace around the globe
  • getting food + water to developing countries
  • finding new forms of energy
  • understanding terrorism
  • fighting for a better tomorrow
  • ending domestic violence

Along the way, she meets important people from modern history — with key roles to play in the future of civilization. And Danielle does it all before her 16th birthday.

The story is a big experience: world progress, whimsy, intrigue, imagination, and clever thinking. The journey follows Danielle from age 1 to young adult, watching her struggle with contemporary problems — but eventually she succeeds by using good thinking.

Her enchanting tale shows us a positive future — where people come together to tackle issues using the power of their talents, and by having compassion for everybody. Ray says: You too can be a Danielle!

ABOUT the BOOK | background

Ray’s writings on the future of science + technology, presented in his New York Times best selling books, are well known.

You might already be familiar with his non-fiction classics:

book: the Age of Intelligent Machines
book: the Age of Spiritual Machines
book: How to Create a Mind
book: the Singularity Is Near
book: Fantastic Voyage + Transcend

His positive vision for innovation helped craft this new adventure story.

image | above
Portrait of author Ray Kurzweil.

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WATCH | Meet the sisters Danielle + Claire.
video: by illustrator Amy Kurzweil

WATCH | See what readers are saying about the book.

the BOOKS | a complete set

The novel Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine is presented with two non-fiction accompaniment books — also by Ray Kurzweil. They show practical steps to achieve your dreams: for your life, with your friends, in your goals.

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SUPPORT | questions

How can I get the novel — Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine?

How can I get the guide book — How to Be a Danielle?

  • the hard-cover novel includes the guide book
  • the guide book is printed in the back
  • the guide book is also digital
  • you can read it here: DanielleWorld

How can I get the companion book — A Chronicle of Ideas: a guide for superheroines + superheroes

  • the companion book is digital
  • you can read it here: DanielleWorld

How can I get customer service help?

  • visit: DanielleWorld
  • scroll to the bottom
  • then click “general inquiries”

BOOK REVIEWS | from readers

The illustrations are clever and the novel is fantastical. Could a young girl accomplish all that Danielle does — who knows! Our best and brightest ideas are coming from young children more + more each day. I hope we can all read the book using our imagination, and create new possibilities for our world.


An essential read for sophisticated thinkers as well as young adults just discovering Ray Kurzweil’s expansive ideas and adventurous story-telling. Merging fiction with forward thinking. You’ll be captivated whether you’re 10 or 110.


Pushing the boundaries has always been the Ray Kurzweil way, and this breakthrough merging of fiction and forward thinking is no exception. Unlock your potential and discover what’s truly possible.