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STEAM activity kits for kids.
November 11, 2000


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— STEAM activity kits for kids —

Discover engineering for everyone. Technology you can tinker with, and science made awesome. We’re Kiwi co. — The Innovation Factory. We make hands-on STEAM projects, designed to  inspire young innovators. Everything we produce is designed by experts and tested by kids.

We’re a team of educators, makers, engineers, and rocket scientists — yes, for real. And we’re passionate about what we do: range of activity kits for all ages: from youth — all the way up to life-long learners. Our product designers work hard on new prototypes — constantly brain-storming and thinking up ideas for the coolest things kids can build and learn about.

We make STEAM activities educational, accessible, engaging, and fun. Our goal is to inspire kids to see themselves as: scientists, artists, and makers.

Our our kid testers help us create an awesome experience. We spend over 1000 hours designing and testing every single kit. Serious Fun! Our science + art projects inspire kids to become creative problem solvers.

  • enriching — your kids can be a sponge for STEAM projects
  • tactile — Kiwi is the perfect solution to keep them engaged
  • creative — materials and ideas without pre-programmed results
  • convenient — with no time to research + buy supplies, no worries: everything comes to your door

We created Kiwi to celebrate natural curiosity — plus help parents bring home fun learning experiences. We make it easy + delightful for families build, explore, and create together.

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Kiwi | range of products

Our range of activity kits are suitable for all ages:

  • tadpole — ages 0 to 36 mos. — explore + discover
  • koala — ages 3 to 4 years — play + learn
  • kiwi — ages 5 to 8 — science + art
  • atlas — ages 6 to 11 — geography + culture
  • doodle — ages 9 to 16+ — art + design
  • tinker — ages 9 to 16+ — science + engineering
  • eureka — age 14 to 104 — engineering + design

by defintion | what is STEAM

S — science
T — technology
E — engineering
A — arts
M — math


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