Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise

March 28, 2018

GigaOm’s seminar series, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise, will make its way to New York City and Austin in April. It features an exclusive talk given by CEO and publisher Byron Reese about why and how AI is enabling enterprises to grow and profit in ways that will be critical to the future of every industry.

Join other enterprise leaders and learn what type of AI is right for you, what works and what doesn’t, how to make the right investments (in-house or third-party and commercial tools), and more.

As the leader in emerging technology research, millions of readers rely on GigaOm’s industry-leading research every month. We saw the enterprise impact of AI in our 2017 survey conducted by strategic CIO and our Head of Research, Tim Crawford.

  • Companies of all sizes are deploying AI to increase speed, connect with customers, and for its cognitive abilities to solve business problems.
  • The IT organization is starting the AI conversation at two-thirds of surveyed companies.
  • Even more so, 88% of surveyed companies with AI in production plan to use it in new- or a combination of new and existing enterprise functions.

—Event Producer