legacy clip | Popular rock star Jon Carin w. his Kurzweil Music synthesizers

Grammy Award winning musician demos state of the art keyboards.
January 1, 2016

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Kurzweil: A bright legacy of pioneering electronic innovation.

Dear reader:

Ray Kurzweil pioneered tools that had never been seen before. He’s crafted powerful devices that help all people create — regardless of disabilities or disadvantage — bringing their imagination to life.  His passion is to bring high tech into the hands of everyday people. His inventions harness amazing computer advances to make daily activities, the arts, knowledge, learning and progressive projects abundantly accessible.

Historians talk about Ray Kurzweil’s keen sense of what will be possible in the future — even when it seems far away. Some of his early devices are in museums as marvels of engineering, but those companies still continue today!  Please enjoy checking out their modern digital products. We hope this tour inspires you, and helps you find products to fit your active lifestyle.

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list | Ray Kurzweil’s benchtop-to-product successes
Adventures in engineering, essential to people.

— text + speech —

  • teaching a computer: to recognize human hand-writing
  • teaching a computer: to recognize all shapes, sizes and fonts of printed words
  • teaching a computer: to read aloud what words it scanned on paper
  • teaching a computer: to find written or typed words even on a messy background
  • teaching a computer: to listen to speech, and transcribe it into text

Putting all those computer abilities: into a hand held smart-phone, so it can do all of these things on the go!

— human language understanding —

  • teaching a computer: to see patterns in language, so it can talk to humans in a meaningful way
  • teaching a computer: to see patterns in language, so it can answer human questions like a real person can

Putting those computer abilities: into search tool like Google, so you have the world’s knowledge at your fingertips!

— electronic music synthsizer keyboards —

  • teaching a computer: to electronically create sounds exactly like a real grand piano
  • teaching a computer: to electronically create the sounds of a full acoustic musical orchestra

Putting all those computer abilities: into a an electronic keyboard called a music synthesizer that anyone can play!

Kurzweil Music logo — then and now

legacy: Kurzweil Music Systems co.
founded: by Ray Kurzweil

historic first: electronically created the sound of an actual grand piano
historic first:

today: The company continues to wow musicians with their electronically crafted versions of acoustic instruments. Many orchestras use Kurzweil Music synthsizers to fully replace actual instruments. Kurzweil Music innovates new kinds of special computer memory chips to innovate what musicians can do with these powerful keyboards. Rock stars, classical musicians and famous composers have relied on Kurzweil Music synthesizers for decades.

Grammy Award: given to Ray Kurzweil

on the web | essentials

Kurzweil Music | main
Kurzweil Music | YouTube channel

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note: company now called Kurzweil Music


Dear readers,

Here is a message from rock star Jon Carin. He’s a Grammy Award winner, musician, singer, song-writer and record producer who has been a life-long collaborator with world famous and legendary progressive rock group Pink Floyd . He is a Kurzweil Music synthesizer pro and features his keyboards on stage at top venues. He made a set of 4 video tutorials playing Kurzweil Music keyboard: model PC3 • K — check out the video tours below.

Jon Carin has worked with fellow stars:

  • David Gilmour + Roger Waters — of Pink Floyd
  • Pete Townshend — ofthe Who
  • Eddie Vedder — ofPearl Jam
  • solo artist — Kate Bush
  • solo artist — Martha Wainright
  • group — Psychedelic Furs
  • group — Soul Asylum
  • group — Trashmonk
  • group — the Gipsy Kings
  • group — the Dream Academy

Jon Carin was a member of the group Industry. He was keyboardist for Roger Waters on the show tour Roger Waters: The Wall Live — — using Kurzweil Music keyboards exclusively.

Kurzweil Music | Artists Lounge: Jon Carin




publication: Digital Dream Door
story title: the 100 greatest rock keyboardists + pianists
story deck: no. 38 | Jon Carin
author: by Lew
date: April 21, 2017

video | John Teele (software department manager) and me (senior soundware engineer) on stage about 20 minutes before the show started.
The next two clips are interviews with Jon Carin. I thought our readers might enjoy these

— Dave Weiser
Senior Sound Ware Engineer

about Dave Weiser Dave Weiser is the senior soundware engineer and marketing liaison for Kurzweil Music. He is the lead sound designer and also represents Kurzweil Music online. Weiser interfaces between the Kurzweil engineers and the “outside world” — sales, international distributors, customers and high profile artists. The quality of Kurzweil Music synthesizers has attracted many famous musicians over the years, and Dave has enjoyed working directly with David Bowie, Roger Waters, Brian Wilson, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Heart, Bernie Worrell (Parliament/Funkadelic), and many others.


video | John Teele and Dave Weiser on stage 20 minutes before the Roger Waters: The Wall Live show at Boston Garden

with Jon Carin: