Machine Learning Everywhere: Build Your Ladder to AI

February 7, 2018

What you’ll hear

Learn from the leaders.

Media giant AMC Networks reveals how machine learning and a data-centric approach helps them build intelligent applications faster.  Leading financial services company, USAA discusses how machine learning is a strategic initiative for their enterprise.

Gain knowledge from the experts.

Leading Silicon Valley analyst Jeremiah Owyang of Crowd Companies shares his experience from his industry leading innovation council, working with band-name companies on the path to business disruption.

Hear from a special guest — Garry Kasparov

World renowned visionary, author and former World Chess Champion shares his thoughts on a future where intelligent machines help us turn our grandest dreams into reality.

What you’ll see

Watch demos of machine learning in leading-edge data and analytics products:

Enable customer advocacy with IBM Machine Learning

IBM has imbued machine learning into the very way it interacts with its clients to predict everything from how likely they are to escalate support tickets, to how happy they’re feeling.

Simplify your machine learning journey now

Using data science and analytics tools, securely train a model behind your own firewall, then easily deploy on the cloud with one click.

View futuristic technology in the making

Accelerate the analytical usage of Db2 with machine learning infused query optimizer, which takes database performance to a new level over market-leading cost-based optimizers.

Find and trust your data.  Use it when you need it.

See how machine learning accelerates the process of classifying data while increasing its quality.  So you can use it to drive insights for the business faster.

—Event Producer