making headlines | e-Glove’s flexible sensors give prosthetic hands a sense of touch

topic: progress in electronics
October 25, 2019

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Photo of the e-glove prototype.

photo: by Purdue Univ.

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topic progress in electronics
story e-Glove with flexible sensors gives prosthetic hands a sense of touch.

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researchers crafted an electronic glove that’s worn over a prosthetic hand, providing sense perception:

  • advances in flexible + stretchable electronics are making breakthroughs in prosthetics
  • the prototype for this e-glove was made by Purdue University engineers
  • the e-glove — gives amputees with prosthetic limbs a sense of touch
  • the e-glove — mimics the sensory capabilities of a human limb in its own unique way
  • the e-glove — fits over existing prosthetic hands in a range of shapes + sizes, giving them new capability
  • the e-glove — fits seamlessly on top of any hand shape
  • the e-glove — is fitted with a suite of flexible electronic sensors
  • the e-glove — is finished in soft rubber to mimic the look + feel of a human hand
  • the e-glove — has life-like: softness, appearance, warmth
  • the e-glove’s sensors detect: pressure, temperature, hydration, bio-signals — of whatever it touches
  • that data is collected + relayed to a connected wrist-watch
  • the wrist-watch — displays the readings in real-time
  • the wrist-watch — also passes the data wirelessly to a separate device for processing
  • in the next stage of development: the e-glove will provide feedback to the wearer
  • examples of feedback are: audio cues + tactile vibration

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group: Purdue Univ.
featurette title: Electronic glove offers human-like features for prosthetic hand users.
deck: An e-glove gives sense of touch to prosthetic hands.

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image | above
Photo of the e-glove prototype on a prosthetic hand.

photo: by Purdue Univ.

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group: Purdue Univ.
story title: Electronic glove offers human-like features for prosthetic hand users
deck: A sensor-instrumented glove for prosthetic hand controls has ability to sense pressure, temperature, hydration
deck: Using electronic chips, sending sensory data through wrist-watch
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platform: Medium
group: Purdue Univ.
blog: the Engineering Review
story title: e-Glove is a sensation for prosthetic hands
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publication: New Atlas
story title: e-Glove slips over prosthetic hands to alert the senses
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e-glove = electronic glove
AI = artificial intelligence