Meta’s AR headset lets you play with virtual objects in 3D space

February 4, 2013

(Credit: Meta)

A new augmented reality headset from Meta puts a full twin-display digital environment — controlled by two-hand 3D tracking — in front of the user, Slashgear reports.

The prototype headset uses Epson Moverio BT-100 see-through glasses with a low-latency 3D camera mounted on top.

Both components reportedly feed into custom electronics in a separate wearable computer, which can track individual fingertips and overlay glowing dots over them in real time.

Applications in media, retail, gaming, and productivity are planned.

The initial promo video, however, takes a consumer-friendly approach, positioning Meta as an ideal accessory for the web-obsessed social media user.

The company plans to launch its Meta 1 dev kit on Kickstarter soon.