MicroLED display for next-generation Google Glass demo

July 30, 2013

Google’s Glass has everyone excited and that includes the folks at ITRI in Taiwan. They are working on some next generation technology for what they hope will power the next Google Glass. Right now they are showing it in monochrome but they will have full color by the end of the year. ITRI was showing off some new Active Micro-sized light emitting Diode chip technology for micro imaging and pico projection at Display Taiwan 2013. The Micro LED chip was made by compound semiconductor process technologies and was aseembled to CMOS backplane driver.

The micro LED is 0.37 inches and has a screen resolution of 427 x 240 and offers some serious power savings over OLED which is the current technology found in Glass. OLED technology offers 150nit of brightness and what ITRI is showing in green only right now, is 1500 nit of brightness. In terms of power consumption the Micro LED display uses 1 Watt for 15 Lumen and they are going to push through to 1 Watt for 30 Lumen by the end of the year when they will be offering the display in color.

ITRI has a long history of helping to move the chipset and processor industry forward by refining and creating new processes for production.

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