Microsoft | Windows Phone digital assistant Cortana, based on popular smart AI character from Halo video game

April 3, 2014

CNET | At the company’s Build developer conference in San Francisco, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore demos a new addition to the Windows Phone 8 operating system, a personal assistant called Cortana.

note | The character design for the Microsoft Windows Phone smart digital assistant Cortana is based on Microsoft Studios’ popular Halo game series, in which Cortana is a powerful artificial intelligence with human-level capabilities.

AI character Cortana from the popular Microsoft Studios video game Halo. (credit: Download Wallpaper HD)

Microsoft Studios | A look at the smart AI known as Cortana, from the video game Halo.

Housed in the MJOLNIR armor worn by the Master Chief, the Artificial Intelligence known as Cortana (CTN 0452-9) served on the frontlines against the Covenant during the final days of the war.

Microsoft | Watch Joe Belfiore introduce the new Windows Phone 8.1 start screen and Cortana, the personal smartphone assistant.

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