Model Zero: Why You Are Obsolete at Almost Every Level and Live Largely in Fiction

March 18, 2016
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Ari Heljakka
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What is real?

You are inclined to drift deeper and deeper into fictional thinking and obsolescence. You keep constructing and sticking with increasingly obsolete ideas about the world, even though many of them were rather fictional to begin with.

Model Zero shows how these forces emerge. Some very basic operating principles of your mind, mental models and language pull you towards fiction. The way you interact with the world through mediating structures, ranging from electronic devices to words and mental models, creates an inertial force which leads you away from your goals. By mastering these forces, you can evolve towards a mentally and physically greater being who inhabits a very different kind of reality.

Model Zero is a toolkit for reconstructing yourself as someone who can thrive in an environment that is changing at an exponential pace.