a + emusic by Saul Paul

feat. Ray Kurzweil
January 1, 2022

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music artist: Saul Paul
track: Ray Kurzweil re-cap rap.
date: 2012

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music artist: Saul Paul
banner: Be the change.
web: home ~ channel

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group: reRoute Music
banner: Making music that moves people.
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profile: Saul Paul

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A photo of music artist Saul Paul with his acoustic guitar.

credit: Saul Paul

about |

Saul Paul is a Grammy Award nominated music artist, rapper, and social activist. He co-hosts + entertains at performs at branded mega-events. He released his 1st album in 2003. He’s performed at TED, the NFL Super Bowls, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Austin City Limits, Folk Alliance International, MIDEM, and South by Southwest.

His life goals:

  • uplift with positivity.
  • be a good role model.
  • help at-risk youth achieve.
  • entertain, inspire, empower.

lyrics |

music artist: Saul Paul
track: Ray Kurzweil re-cap rap.

Today’s keynote was the brilliant Ray Kurzweil.
Hosted by Mr. Grossman, which served well.
To set-up the platform that it’s a sure fail.
If you’re still in the present because you’re stale.

Because dude’s mind is where the future is.
An accurate title: he’s a futurist.
Give him some data.
He’ll know what to do with it.
Rewind to 1960.
He’ll probably tell you who the shooter is.
In ’63 get it? Kennedy.

Wow — and right now he’s actually making these mini-mes.
How — at the university of singularity.
Apparently because he sees the future with such clarity.
How else can I say it, he sees it clearly.

No theories, he basically created Siri.
The company that became it: Nuance.
For him it’s easy, like installing some true fonts.

So if you’re a genius, and you are good at math.
You can be just like him, otherwise sufferin’ succotash.
I don’t make the rules, I just play by them.
And based on what Kurzweil says, you can’t defy them.

Statistically — yeah — it’s improbable.
Not impossible, just highly illogical.
Looking at my watch, it seems that I have to go.
Until then I encourage you stay on-point, like an icicle.

reference |

web ~ Siri is a digital assistant app. — by Apple co.
profile ~ true fonts was the name of a 1980s digital type-face. — by Apple co.
web ~ Nuance is a digital tech company. — by Microsoft co.

profile ~ mini-me is a character from the Austin Powers film series. — by actor Mike Myers.
profile ~ sufferin’ succotash is a minced oath from the cartoon cat Sylvester. — by Warner Bros. co.

web ~ Mr. Grossman  — is —  Lev Grossman.
web ~ Kennedy   — is —  John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
web ~ Kennedy Center  — is —  the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
web ~ univ. of singularity  — is —  Singularity grp.

platform: Wikipedia

— notes —

SXSW = South by SouthWest
NFL = the National Football League
TED = tech + entertainment + design
MIDEM = the International Record + Music Publishing Market

grp. = group
co. = company
univ. = university
3D = 3-dimensional
a + e = arts + entertainment