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April 1, 2018

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album: Declare a New State
song: “Modern Inventions”
recording artist: the Submarines
year: 2006

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— about the song —

The subtle song “Modern Inventions” is inspired by human technology that’s escaped our imagination and control. The sensitive lyrics talk about the slippery slope of powerful machines. The song slowly builds into an eerie intensity. Everyday people struggle to cope with the closely intertwined risks + benefits of today’s digital world and amazing automation. From the album Declare a New State by popular indie folk group the Submarines.

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lyrics | “Modern Inventions”
recording artist: the Submarines

Darling I had the best intentions
But I dug myself a hole
With a modern invention

Baby did I make you feel
That you didn’t have the mind
To reconcile the truth
In a troubled time?

Skipping messages
Good machines don’t lie

From here we roll on
From here we roll on
From here we roll on
From here we roll on