New York Times | Ray Kurzweil interview with top journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin

On stage presentation at Global Leaders Collective — videos now live
November 22, 2016

about the event | The New York Times Global Leaders Collective
Leading thinkers gather to discuss the future of markets & tech impact.

The New York Times will host the Global Leaders Collective on November 28-29, 2016 — a group of CEOs, executives & innovators leading companies in the world luxury space.

The summit brings together the best thinking from diverse industries, to navigate the dramatic new challenges in a key global market.

In the wake of Brexit, new presidential administration, innovative tech impacting strategic decisions, volatile demand in emerging markets, geo-political risk, shifting trends in consumer behavior — companies require strong leadership.

The summit hears briefings from experts, policy makers, tech luminaries, economists — and social psychologists on economics in Russia & China, new tech, science of consumption patterns.

Discussions are led by Vanessa Friedman and senior editors from The New York Times. Global Leaders Collective identifies urgent imperatives facing the luxury market.

Proceedings are developed into white papers presented around at The New York Times events. Participation is invitation only. Decision makers in the Global Leaders Collective come from industries in the world-wide luxury market: fashion, financial services, automotive, tech, education, real estate, home furnishings, travel & hospitality, arts & entertainment.

The New York Times | Global Leaders Collective

spotlight | Ray Kurzweil one-on-one interview presentation with top journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin
In depth featured talk on computing trends & globally accelerating change.

On the agenda for The New York Times Global Leaders Collective — renowned inventor Ray Kurzweil will be featured in a one-on-one interview with host and top journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin. They will discuss Ray Kurzweil’s theories on global accelerating change — examining his insights on how computing and information technologies can advance markets and lead to progress.

about Andrew Ross Sorkin | Journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin is the founder and editor at large of DealBook as well as a financial columnist for The New York Times. He is also a co-anchor of C-NBC’s show Squawk Box.

about Ray Kurzweil | Famed inventor, author and futurist.

video | Virtuous Reality — Transformational Trends in Technology
Andrew Ross Sorkin interviews Ray Kurzweil.

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aboutThe New York Times conferences bring together global leaders to deepen understanding of vital topics, advance innovative solutions to major challenges and provide new opportunities for businesses.

In panel discussions, interactive debates and high level networking, they address a wide range of issues: higher education, finance and tech, food, energy and the luxury market.

The New York Times | Global Leaders Collective
Videos of the 11 panel sessions.

1. video | welcome remarks
Arthur O. Sulzberger: Chairman, The New York Times

2. video | The New Washington, Part I: key issues in the year ahead
Denis McDonough: White House Chief of Staff — in conversation with — Mark Landler: White House Correspondent, The New York Times

3. video | The New Washington, Part II: what it means for business
Eric Cantor: Former US House Majority Leader + Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Moelis & Company
Penny Pritzker: US Secretary of Commerce  — in conversation with — Elisabeth Bumiller: Washington Bureau Chief, The New York Times

4. video | Virtuous Reality: transformational trends in technology
Ray Kurzweil: inventor, author, Futurist — in conversation with — Andrew Ross Sorkin: DealBook Editor at Large + columnist, The New York Times

5. video | Leading Thoughts: thank you for being late
Thomas L. Friedman: foreign affairs columnist, The New York Times

6. video | Russia: the next decade
Mikhail Khodorkovksy: founder, Open Russia — in conversation with — Roger Cohen: opinion|editorial columnist, The New York Times

7. video | The Asia Factor
Jing Ulrich: Managing Director + Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific, JP Morgan Chase — in conversation with — Roger Cohen: opinion|editorial columnist, The New York Times

8. video | A Sustainable Future
Al Gore: Former Vice President of the United States + Chairman, The Climate Reality Project — in conversation with — Thomas L. Friedman: foreign affairs columnist, The New York Times

9. video | Tell Me a Story: pop culture, and new digital narrative
Meridith Valiando Rojas: co-founder + CEO, DigiTour Media — in conversation with — Vanessa Friedman

10. video | Leading Thoughts: hacking the hackers
Nico Sell: founder + Chairman, Wickr Foundation

11. video | Setting the Economic Compass
Olivier Blanchard, Former Chief Economist, International