** comedy ** Old Spice | 4th and Touchdown

October 27, 2014

Old Spice — 4th and Touchdown | Drew Brees, Jamaal Charles, AJ Green, Earl Thomas, and robot walked into a talk show. It’s called 4th and Touchdown.

Old Spice — 4th and Touchdown | Jamaal Charles: Watching this video of a robot interviewing a running back interview will not only turn you into the smartest running back robot of all time, it will also not do any of those things.

Old Spice — 4th and Touchdown | Earl Thomas: The football life is a dog eat dog, dog eat more dog, dog eat food, dog eat hotdog, dog eat tacos, dog do interviews, dog meet robot, dog talk robot, dog watch video kind of life that we all can learn something from.

Old Spice — 4th and Touchdown | Drew Brees: When science meets the gridiron two things are mathematically inevitable. 1) Stellar interview conversations about dreams, children, and sunglasses happen. And 2) Hotdog cloning. Let’s keep this trend moving.

Old Spice — 4th and Touchdown | AJ Green: This is not a cat climbing into a small shoebox and pouncing on a tiny puppy video. Because if it was it would have significantly more cuteness and less real life truth lessons about football.

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