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July 1, 2022

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Here are 4 original podcasts created by Dell — from the Perspectives section of their website. Covering today’s tech, the scientists behind-the-scenes, and contemporary discussion about tech + society.

Also below, Dell’s annual in-house magazine Realize. It explores innovative trends, spotlights trailblazers using tech for good — and provides inspiration for the our world’s next generation of leadership.

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about | the podcasts

From the history of digital disruption to the hype surrounding today’s emerging tech — and the tech luminaries clearing the path to the digital future — these original podcasts from Dell keep you in-the-know.

the Perspectives collection of podcasts —

1.  Trailblazers
2.  the Next Horizon
3.  Luminaries
4.  AI: Hype vs. Reality

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tag line: We create technologies that drive human progress.

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issue no. 1 | read — The human side of tech.
issue no. 2 | read — Wisdom at scale.
issue no. 3 | read — Optimism in the digital future.
issue no. 4 | read — Realize the impossible.
issue no. 5 | read — The innovator in all of us.

guide | podcasts 1 to 4

no. 1 |

company: Dell
podcast title: Trailblazers
host: Walter Isaacson

LISTEN | Trailblazers

about | the podcast

The best-selling author Walter Isaacson is your guide through the narratives + nuances of Trailblazers.

Join us as he explores digital disruption and  innovators using tech to enable human progress.

He unfolds the histories of the biggest changes of our time and the trailblazers behind them. Disruption is full of unexpected stories.



about | the host

Your host Walter Isaacson is the former CEO and chair of CNN. He’s also a distinguished fellow at the Aspen Institute — a non-partisan educational + policy studies organization.

His book the Innovators is a the New York Times best-seller.

image | above

Portrait of Walter Isaacson.

for reference

book title: the Innovators
deck: How a group of inventors, hackers, geniuses, and geeks created the digital revolution.
author: by Walter Isaacson
date: 2014

the Aspen Institute | home ~ channel
tag line: We drive change through dialogue, leadership, and action.
banner: Helping to solve the greatest challenges of our time.

profile | Walter Isaacson

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no. 2 |

company: Dell
podcast title: the Next Horizon
hostess: Kelly Lynch

LISTEN | the Next Horizon

about | the podcast

Tech is changing faster than ever. Join Kelly Lynch and key innovators from Dell. They’re looking toward the horizon of what’s next — answering big questions around emerging tech.


about | the hostess

Your hostess Kelly Lynch has been a long-time podcast lurker, first-time podcast host.

For the past 10 years, she’s worked for numerous high-tech companies — but her knowledge + curiosity of emerging tech is only in its infancy. Most importantly, she’s not afraid to ask questions.

image | above

Portrait of Kelly Lynch.

no. 3 |

company: Dell
podcast title: Luminaries
hosts: Mark Schaefer + Douglas Karr

LISTEN | Luminaries

about | the podcast

Talking to the brightest minds in tech. Join hosts Mark Schaefer and Douglas Karr on an IT transformation expedition. Listen as they have in-depth conversations with tech luminaries about best practice for business growth.

about | the hosts

Your co-host Mark Schaefer is an writer, bloger, podcaster, consultant, college educator. Mark is a leading authority on marketing strategy, and the author of 6 best-selling books, including Known. He has 2 advanced degrees and studied under Peter Drucker in graduate school. Some of his clients include Microsoft, GE, Johnson & Johnson, and the US Air Force.

Your co-host Douglas Karr is a technologist, book author, and speaker. He started his career — pre-internet — as a US Naval electrician before going to work for the newspaper industry. His ability to translate business needs into tech paved the way for his digital career. He owns an agency — and speaks globally on digital marketing, tech, and media.

for reference

book title: Known
deck: The handbook for building and unleashing your personal brand in the digital age.
author: by Mark W. Schaefer
date: 2017

no 4. |

company: Dell
podcast title: AI: Hype vs. Reality
hostess: Jessica Chobot

LISTEN | AI: Hype vs. Reality

about | the podcast

about | the hostess

Your hostess Jessica Chobot currently serves as hostess for several columns + video series on the Nerdist website and its branded YouTube channel.

— notes —

AI = artificial intelligence
vs. = versus

CEO = chief executive officer

CNN = Cable News Network
GE = General Electric
US = United States