RAAD Festival

April 27, 2016

The largest gathering of radical life extensionists. The revolution against aging and death starts with you.

RAAD Fest combines the energy and fun of a festival, the empowerment and interaction of personal development, with cutting edge science presented for a lay audience to create the first and best holistic radical life extension event ever. 

Hear from top scientists, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders addressing every aspect of radical life extension, from nutrition and new gene therapies, to the power of personal intention, the sociology of immortality and advancement in artificial intelligence.

You will also have the opportunity to interact with our experts as well as share your own views.


Regenerative medicine:

  • Dr. Bill Andrews. Sierra Sciences. Telomere and telomerase research.
  • Dr. Kristen Comella. US Stem Cell. Stem cells.
  • Dr. Brant Cortright. Neurogenesis
  • Dr. Aubrey de Grey. SENS Foundation. Senescence and anti-aging medicine.
  • Bill Faloon. Life Extension Foundation.
  • Dr. Dobri Kiprov. Immunologist.
  • Dr. Mark Gordon. Anti aging medicine.
  • Dr. Dip Maharaj. Stem cell and bone marrow.
  • Liz Parrish. BioViva. Gene therapy
  • Dr. Greg Fahy. CRISPR
  • Steve Perry. GDF11 Rejuvenation. Anti aging biomarkers.
  • Jose Luis Cordeiro. Singularity University. Singularity and you.
  • Bernadeane. People Unlimited. Speaker and anti-death activist
  • James Strole. People Unlimited. Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension.
  • Maria Entraigues-Abramson. SENS. Outreach in radical life extension.
  • Neal VanDeree. Church of Perpetual Life
  • Suzanne Somers. Longevity lifestyle.
  • Ilana Arzt. Enerjoy Fitness. Fitness for forever.
  • Christi Christiaens. Radical life extension nutrition.
  • Michael Greve. Forever Healthy. Life extension and longevity lifestyle
  • Dr. Moss Jackson. Psychologist. Psychology of Immortality
  • Dr Joe Mercola. Nutrition and preventative care.
  • Dr. Kirk Parsley. World’s leading expert in sleep.
  • Dr. Steve Hruby. Kai Zen Wellness. Chiropractic and physiotherapy.
  • Laurie Handlers, Butterfly Workshops. Ageless sexuality
AI, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Robotics:
  • Ben Goertzel. Hanson Robotics. AI
  • David Kekich. Maximum Life Foundation. AI and Nanotechnology
  • Nuno Martins. Nanotechnology.
  • Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov. Insilico Medicine. Biotechnology and artificial intelligence
  • Ray Kurzweil. Google. Futurist.
  • Zoltan Istvan. Transhuman activism
  • Max More. Alcor. Transhumanist philosophy
  • Natasha Vita-More. Humanity Plus. Transhumanist lecturer