Rattner Describes the Future of Context-Aware Computing

September 16, 2010 | Source: PCMAG.COM

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In his keynote speech at the Intel Developer Forum Wednesday, Intel vice president and chief technology officer Justin Rattner focused on “context-aware computing,” in which devices anticipate your needs and desires and help fulfill them—before you even ask.

He described future devices that will constantly learn about you and your preferences based on how you use the device. For example:

  • Recommending restaurants based on what the user likes and eats, and the user’s location in the city
  • A remote control that “enhances the smart TV experience” by recognizing who’s holding a remote control and adjusting the viewing experience accordingly
  • A sense system, roughly the size of a large cell phone, that could animate avatars to let you know a person’s current activity or state of activities. One example was how someone sitting and drinking coffee might receive a phone call and leave the coffee shop, by showing how the device would animate a troll-like creature at first sitting and then walking while talking on a cell phone.