Singularity Hub | Ray Kurzweil: The Mind and How to Build One

December 21, 2010

Singularity Hub — December 21, 2010 | Aaron Saenz

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Humanity has questions about the development of AI, and for decades Ray Kurzweil has been trying to find the answers.

Those who know the author, futurist, and inventor’s work will be familiar with his beliefs in the exponential growth of information technology, and the inclusion of more technologies into the IT label.

Lately, Kurzweil has become increasingly interested in the human mind, how we may be able to understand it, and eventually how we could recreate it. He’s working on his seventh book, How the Mind Works and How to Build One, which will explore those concepts.

This past August, at the annual Singularity Summit, Kurzweil gave attendees a sneak peak into his upcoming book via an hour long presentation: “The Mind and How to Build One.” Thanks to the Summit organizers, The Singularity Institute, Kurzweil’s talk is now available to watch online; check it out in the video below. From his discussion on consciousness to his explanation of the processing methods of the cerebral cortex, this is one of the best Kurzweil presentations I’ve ever seen. […]