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November 10, 2019

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— story —

To keep-up with modern times and stay relevant to today’s marketplace: enterprise must adopt, support, and integrate high-level computing that’s networked, maintained, and distributed across all areas of business. The companies + organizations that fall behind in the arena of info-tech (information technology or IT) risk their bottom line, and risk losing the best employees to more leading-edge groups who are up-to-date with digital infra-strcuture.

In a world that’s primarily focused on the computerization of processes, record keeping, inventory, management, and production — any enterprise that lags in IT will become an industry dinosaur.

Implementing new digital tools — and upgrading antique legacy computer systems and non-digital practices — can be a huge task. Incumbent businesses the slowest to change. According to top research firm McKinsey — a startling 70% of digital transformation programs fail because of:

  • lack of employee engagement
  • inadequate management support
  • lack of accountability
  • low levels of collaboration

IT personnel are in the best position to cope with these kinds of challenges — but often lack the support they need to begin and maintain crucial IT infrastructure projects.

A recent report from WorkFront — a project management and software services company — examines 5 common stumbling blocks faced by info-tech professionals trying to achieve digital transformation. Plus solutions for leading an organization through dramatic tech changes. The full report download is below.

— the 5 key challenges —

In the report by WorkFront, the 5 key challenges are paired with easy-to-understand solutions.

challenge no. 1 | Lack of digital transformation strategy.
solution • Create a roadmap.

challenge no. 2 | There’s no visibility into work.
solution • Centralize all work within a project.

challenge no. 3 | Work is not aligned with business goals.
solutionModernize your tech stack.

challenge no. 4 | Work is often delayed or slow.
solution • Simplify work.

challenge no. 5 | A perception that work is not efficient or effective.
solution • Make projects scalable + reproducible.

by the numbers | from the report

  • 56 percent — of execs said no clear info-tech strategy is big set-back to improving customer experience. | source
  • 45 percent — of CIOs said resistance to change is main barrier to making a successful digital strategy. | source
  • 40 percent — of info-tech projects meet their deadline, budget, and quality goals. | source
  • 37 percent — of organizations are trying new digital processes. | source
  • 74 percent — of leaders say digital projects do not align with strategy. | source

— report —

group: WorkFront
report title: 5 ways IT drives digital transformation
label: executive brief
section: resources

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— notes —

IT or info-tech = information technology
CIO = chief information officer