resources | make it: spinning solar system model

activity kit: for all ages
November 11, 2000

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special theme: space
make it: spinning solar system model
acitivity kit:
for range: all ages

instruction video | make your own spinning solar system model —
from: Crafts with Kripa

gather | your materials —

  • glue
  • cardboard box
  • cardboard circles
  • foam piece -or- cardboard
  • big straw -or- dowel
  • planets: drawn on paper
  • jewelry wire: flexible

step 1 | getting started —

  • Take your cardboard box and place it in a position so that the cranks are placed on the open ends.
  • Make 2 holes for the dowel to pass through horizontally.
  • Make 1 hole on top for the dowel to pass through vertically.
  • If you have a big straw you can put it through the top hole.
  • The dowel needs to pass through the straw for it turn smoothly.
  • If you don’t have a straw you can use paper.

step 2 | building the crank —

Now let’s build the crank.
1 wheel is passed over the dowel like this: see video
pass another wheel through the horizontal dowel