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March 1, 2020

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Illustration from Quanta magazine on the abstract structures of symmetries.

credit: by Scott Martin • Burnt Toast Creative

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Quanta magazine

Quanta magazine illuminates basic science + math research. We’re committed to in-depth, accurate journalism that serves the public interest. Each article braids the complexities of science with the malleable art of story-telling — and is meticulously reported, edited, and fact-checked. Launched and funded by the Simons Foundation, Quanta is editorially independent.

The magazine explores developments in:

  • math
  • physics
  • computer science
  • life sciences

The best traditional news organizations provide excellent reporting on applied areas of science, such as: health, medicine, tech, engineering, and environment. We strive to complement + augment existing media coverage.

Quanta is a non-profit foundation funded publication — all resources go toward producing responsible, freely accessible journalism. Our editorial independence ensures impartial science writing. We want everyone to keep reading. We invite you to explore our pages, and we look forward to your comments.

the Abstractions blog

Abstractions navigates promising ideas in science and mathematics. Journey with us and join the conversation.

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tag line: Illuminating basic science + math research through public service journalism.
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Our mission at the Simons Foundation is to advance the frontiers of research in math + the basic sciences. The foundation supports discoveries in scientific research — in the pursuit of understanding the phenomena of our world.


book | by Quanta

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book title: Alice + Bob: meet the wall of fire
deck: The biggest ideas in science from Quanta.
year: 2018

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book | by Quanta

book title: the Prime Number Conspiracy
deck: The biggest ideas in math from Quanta.
year: 2018

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