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October 1, 2019

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Financial products built on modern technology (called fin-tech) — especially start-ups that improve on  old-fashioned institutions such as banking + insurance — are sweeping the world. The new consumer + small business offerings are available as web apps on laptops, smart-phones, and tablets. They promise:

  • better agility
  • better service speed
  • better convenience
  • better focused products + services
  • better look + feel
  • better mobility
  • better prices
  • better account management
  • better customer comfort
  • better customer education

Insurance is considered one of the most antiquated financial industries — burdened by too many hands-on processes that should + could be automated, with sluggish performance from legacy software + out-dated computer systems.

But it’s finally experiencing a major renovation. Innovations from fin-tech are re-inventing insurance. 1000s of start-ups have launched contemporary products for every corner of a customer’s insurance needs. This new range within the insurance business is called “insure-tech.”

Popular within the consumer insurance space, and developed by insure-tech start-ups — is the new way to buy travel insurance. Difficult to understand, and notoriously complex to price-shop.

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7 insure-tech start-ups disrupting travel insurance + assistance

Pay-per-day with Revolut’s new travel insurance way

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no. 1
brand Pluto
deck Travel Insurance: for people who don’t like insurance. Tailored to you, easy to understand, hassle-free.
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no. 2
brand Goose
deck Travel Insurance: made easy.
on the web visit
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no. 3
brand Neos
deck Smarter Insurance: the new way to actively protect your home when you’re gone — from your mobile.
on the web visit
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insure-tech = insurance tech
insur-tech = insurance tech