Film Preview | Source Code movie combines mind-uploading, parallel universes, time travel, simulated reality

April 1, 2011 by Amara D. Angelica

In the science-fiction movie Source Code (April 1 release), a secret program called “Source Code” sends a pilot back in time to cross over into another man’s identity and relive the last eight minutes of the passenger’s life on a train.

The mission: find a bomb that exploded on the train, killing everyone on board, to prevent another terrorist attack in six hours.

“People like Ray Kurzweil have suggested that one day, if we can actually map out the entire brain and how it works, we can take one person’s consciousness and transport it into another’s.” — Jordan Wynn, producer of Source Code.

“I’m sure that within a couple of decades, we’ll have workers controlled by people with helmets performing deadly tasks, maybe at some point extracting information from the parallel universe.”— Physicist Michio Kaku

Source Code Official Trailer

“What is the Source Code” Featurette with Michio Kaku