May 26, 2017

2017 is shaping up to be the year that AI finally moves from being the province of university labs to being a critical part of the software developer’s toolkit and a focus for mainstream companies. AI is currently driving an explosion in real-world intelligent software— bots, agents, voice and IoT interfaces, even self-driving cars. And this is just the beginning…

Event Structure

  • The most recent developments in the AI field, featuring leaders from thriving industries
  • An international competition for startups with disruptive products focused on AI and connected technologies
  • Education and hands-on approach on the newest Machine Learning practices

Why Did We Launch Synaptech?

When we’re starting an event, we’re not just following the hype. We’re following trends we’re passionate about and we’re committed to creating a community. A community focused on connecting industries, business opportunities and domain leaders to stimulate the creation of revolutionary AI related products.

We’ve created Synaptech because we believe that AI is finally becoming a reality and the opportunities are as infinite as deep learning.

—Event Producer