The age of technology arrived. Now what? With Azeem Azhar

December 28, 2016

The age of technology has arrived. Now what?

It is impossible to escape technology because as humans we are inextricably linked to it. What are the implications as the pace of technology increases? What are the most important things to understand, in order that we can become positive participants in this fast-changing world, rather than bewildered spectators or disoriented victims?

About the speaker:

Azeem Azhar is the curator and publisher of the phenomenally interesting weekly newsletter “The Exponential View”. The Exponential View, which has approaching 13,000 subscribers, covers exponential change and its implications for technology, business models, political economy and society. Click here to review previous issues and to subscribe to the Exponential View.

Azeem has been working with technology since he discovered his first computer, the ZX-81, in 1981.

He has mixed interests in technology, science and maths as well as economics, philosophy & history.

The early part of his career took him to journalism, where he covered technology at The Guardian and The Economist. He has also had product, strategy and innovation roles at the BBC and Thomson Reuters.

Recently he was founder and CEO of PeerIndex, a venture-backed startup which applied a lot of machine learning to large-scale social graphs to make predictions about social web users. PeerIndex was acquired by Brandwatch in 2014.

Azeem is currently Vice President, Head of Venture & Foresight at the Schibsted Media Group.

He has been involved in a number of other startups and incubators including PowerSet (Microsoft), Evi (Amazon), NewEnergyFinance (Bloomberg), Dopplr (Nokia), and Seedcamp.

—Event Producer