The AI Conference

April 28, 2017

The Artificial Intelligence Conference is an annual event where leading AI researchers and top industry practitioners meet and collaborate. Produced by the creators of MLconfThe Machine Learning Conference.

The AI conference will focus on emerging technology in Artificial Intelligence with a specific focus around projects, teams and people who are working on Artificial General Intelligence and related topics. In addition to deeply technical presentations on AI, we will also host presentations on topics in law, ethics, safety, and governance, as we believe those are interesting topics and important dimensions to address in this growing field.

Event Speakers:

David Brin, scientist, tech-consultant and world-known author
Ashwin Ram, Sr. Manager Alexa AI, Amazon
Caroline Sinders, Buzzfeed Eyebeam Open Lab Fellow, Buzzfeed
Shalini De Mello, Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA, Machine Learning Inside the Car
Sanjeev Satheesh, Research Scientist, Baidu
Artemy Malkov, CEO, Data Monsters, Why Chatbots Fail, And How To Fix Them
Jan F. Morgenthal, Manager AI & Machine Learning, Deutsche Telekom
Hussein Mehana, Director of Engineering, SnapChat

Event Schedule

  • 9AM: Registration & Networking Session
  • 10AM: Presentations Begin
  • 12PM: Lunch & Networking
  • 1:00PM: Afternoon Presentations
  • 3PM Coffee & Networking
  • 3:30PM Final Presentations
  • 5:30PM Happy Hour & Networking

—Event Producer