The Atlantic’s Silicon Valley Summit

November 25, 2013

The Atlantic invites you to join us for our inaugural Silicon Valley Summit on Monday, December 16. Taking place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, this half-day forum will focus on the business models, legislative policies, and cutting-edge creations that are forming a new digital world through a mix of panel discussions, headline interviews, and case studies.

As innovators build out the infrastructure of a new digital world and venture firms scour the Valley hoping to plant stakes in the next, next big thing, they face hurdles of imagination and presumption. What bets will turn out to be right ones? Which creations will reinvent the way we think about technology? And, from across the country, how can legislators support the march of technological innovation and achievement? Silicon Valley’s cauldron of obsessive creation is changing the world, giving its innovators an increasingly strong voice in national and global affairs.

Confirmed Participants, as of 11.20.13:

Leslie Berlin, Project Historian, Silicon Valley Archives, Stanford University
Adam Cahan, Senior Vice President, Mobile and Emerging Products
Jen Dulski, President and Chief Operating Officer,
George Dyson, Author and Historian of Science and Technology
Marina Gorbis, Executive Director, Institute for the Future
Sal Kahn, Founder and Executive Director, Khan Academy
Dustin Moskovitz, Co-Founder, Facebook and Co-Founder, Asana
Andrew Ng, Co-Founder, Coursera
Gary Reback, Author, Free The Market! Why Only Government Can Keep the Marketplace Competitive
Philip Rosedale, Founder, Second Life and Founder, High Fidelity
Justin Rosentein, Co-Founder, Asana
Liba Rubenstein, Director, Outreach for Politics and Causes, Tumblr
Tom Rubin, Chief Intellectual Property Strategy Counsel, Microsoft
Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Cisco
Devin Wenig, President, Global Marketplaces, eBay
Brent Wesintein, Head of Digital Media, United Talent Agency