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May 18, 2015

credit | Harry Campbell

The Daily Conversation | The future of driverless cars. Autonomous vehicles have made significant progress in the last decade. This report looks at the history of self driving vehicles, and where the industry is heading.

An autonomous car — also called a driverless car, self driving car, robotic car — is an automated vehicle capable of sensing its environment and driving without human input, or with limited human interaction. Robotic cars are mainly prototypes and demonstrations. Several major companies and research organizations have working prototypes.

Concept sketch of a driverless car. — credit | Mercedes Benzreading:

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infographic 1:

credit | Josh McKibble

infographic 2:

credit | United Kingdom Department for Transport

infographic 3:

credit | BMW

infographic 4:

credit | James Provost


Related set of videos from Innovate United Kingdom’s Catapult transport systems research and development center.

video 1:

Innovate United Kingdom’s Catapult — transport systems | Tech talk on two of our most exciting projects, from autonomous pods that can drive themselves to how we’re reducing take off delays at airports.

Lutz Pathfinder driverless pod prototype. — credit | Innovate United Kingdom’s transport systems

video 2:

Innovate United Kingdom’s Catapult — transport systems | An explanation the goal for intelligent mobility.

video 3:

Innovate United Kingdom’s Catapult — transport systems | Imagination, innovation, and intelligent mobility are imovation. Catapult’s transport systems story in a nutshell.


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