The Google Glass feature no one is talking about

March 3, 2013

When everything is connected — a scene from a video about Watchdogs, a future Sony PS4 game (credit: Ubisoft)

“Google Glass might change your life, but not in the way you think. There’s something else Google Glass makes possible that no one — no one — has talked about yet, and so today I’m writing this blog post to describe it,” says Mark Hurst on Creative Good.

“It’s lifebits, the ability to record video of the people, places, and events around you, at all times. with a friend. How will anyone be sure they’re not being recorded, in public or private?

“Just think: if a million Google Glasses go out into the world and start storing audio and video of the world around them, the scope of Google search suddenly gets much, much bigger, and that search index will include you.”

Hurst goes on to speculate that the electronics will some day fit into a contact lens. “And that, of course, would be the ultimate expression of the Google Glass idea: a digital world that is even more difficult to turn off, once it’s implanted directly into the user’s body.

“At that point you’ll not even know who might be recording you. There will be no opting out.”